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Free Music

This free music is our gift to you, our loyal fans who’ve encouraged and appreciated us for so long. Please share these but give us credit. And remember that they are for personal, non-commercial use only. All The Nettles performances and recordings are the exclusive property of The Nettles. All rights reserved. All tunes are traditional unless noted.

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Eugene Contra Dance Official Bootlegs

Recorded by Mark Schurman. Thanks, Mark!

For folks who book dance camps and such, yes, we really sound like this. Hire us!

For folks who run small contra dances but can’t afford live musicians, feel free to use these for your own Contra Dance Band in a Box. For folks who can afford live musicians, hire us!

Midsummer Madness Official Bootlegs

  • Paddy Ryan’s Dream

    A driving groove on a trad tune captured by Michael Proctor onstage with a handheld recorder. Midsummer Madness, 2009.
  • Pernod

    A beautiful little French waltz by great fiddler Johnny Cunningham. Michael Proctor recorded it onstage with a handheld recorder. Midsummer Madness, 2009.


Here are some waltzes that Laura and Kevin recorded as a duo to celebrate Kevin’s parent’s 50th anniversary.